The Spring

Outdoor swimming pool in Les Muntanyes de Prades, Catalonia

Spring is officially here. Now starts one of the best times of the year to hit the trails of Les Muntanyes de Prades, in Catalonia. I like being able to feel the connection with the mountains and their forests, experience the silence, sometimes accompanied by the sound of the intermittent breeze, the song of the birds and the sound of branches and leaves when some animal makes its way through the undergrowth.

European Robin (Erithacus rubecula)


From Monday to Friday the roads are free of traffic. I avoid going there during the weekend to have more chances to enjoy in solitude a natural environment of balance and peace.

El Brugent road


It has rained very little and the rivers have little or no flow. The risk of fire during the coming months is very high, obviously, and we will have to be very alert when we practice our activities in this very dry environment.

El Barral river
El Barral river


Despite the dryness, the flowers are beginning to bloom and the landscapes feed the soul.

Gorse (Ulex europaeus)
Gorse (Ulex europaeus)


We just need to walk through this paradise, contemplate, observe, stop and take a deep breath to feel that our home is beyond four immovable walls.

Prades forest



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Amb aquestes suggerents fotografies ja tinc la sensació de respirar més enllà de l’aire carregat de la ciutat.

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