Eduard López Arcos

Showing the essence of the past from the present.

I am originally from Barcelona and a passionate traveler and adventurer. I travel by motorcycle, 4x4 and bicycle, and also I like the taste of local transport because it shows us a part of the reality of the place, outside and inside.

I remember when I started traveling I was carrying a compact camera (analog at that time) in my backpack. I didn't pay much attention to that camera, and I came home with few or no photos. Once, I met a Valencian tourist at a souvenir shop in a small town in Scotland. We started a conversation while he was selecting postcards from an exhibitor. He told me that he did not take pictures and that he preferred to buy postcards because they would always be more beautiful than the pictures he could take. He didn't want to waste time taking pictures, as well as not carrying a photo camera. I thought I was like him in that aspect. Although I didn't buy any postcards.

I never had an interest in photography, and while I’ve always appreciated art, I never thought I could use an image to convey something as well.

My perception of photography began to change from my trip to West Africa more than ten years ago. I found interesting everything I experienced and saw, and somehow I began to feel that there were many simple things that were worth capturing and showing.

In 2012, when I went to live in the dunes of Erg Chebbi, Morocco, the light of the desert and the contrasts illuminated and nourished that incipient curiosity about photography.

When you turn something into a passion, it drifts into a lifelong learning path that offers a lot of possibilities and personal satisfactions.